Credit Cards and Deposits

What company name will appear on my Credit Card or Bank Statement?

Our billing name on your Credit Card Statement will vary depending on where you are located. Contact the Casino Cashier to confirm a specific transaction, our deposit amounts all end in
.75 cents ($19.75, $49.75, $74.75, $99,75 and $149.75) to aid in identification.

My Credit or Debit Card deposit was declined?

The most common reason for a Credit/Debit card decline is the address used in registration not being the same as the Credit Card's billing address, the street number and zip code are especially important, and must exactly match the numbers on your Credit card or Bank Statement.
If you have made an error entering this information,
2)-Go to "Cashier"
3)-Go to "My Info" and change the address.
4)-Go to "Buy Chips" or "Deposit" page and try your deposit again

If this procedure does not solve the problem try another credit/debit card.

My Credit Card has funds available, but I am still declined?

Deposits are often declined by Visa and Mastercard even when you have the money available in your account. The Bank or Credit Card Company that issued you the card may have special security provisions in place and may be screening transactions from outside of your country of residence (very common for US residents).

Visa and Mastercard do not give us specific reasons for declines and we have no ability to change this.

I get a Fax Confirmation Message when I try to make a deposit?

Visa and Mastercard require us to obtain your written authorization when the total of your deposits with us exceeds $1250.00 per Credit/Debit card account.

If you click on the text "Fax/mail confirmation form" the form with all of your information completed will appear.
Please print the form and fax or mail it to our payment processor along with a copy of the front and back of your credit/debit card.

My Electronic Check deposit is declined?

The Electronic Check system verifies your address and telephone information and the last 4 numbers of your Social Security number, if this information does match the Credit Bureau records the transaction will be declined.

We limit the dollar amount and number of transactions you can make per 24 hour period using Electronic Checks.
These limits are increased as you build a deposit history with us.

How do I raise my Credit/Debit deposit limit?

For your protection and ours we limit the number of transactions you can make per 24 hours from each Credit/Debit card.
New members are limited to 3 transactions per 24 hours.

How do I raise my Electronic Check deposit limit?

Our Electronic Check processor allows 3 transactions per 24 hour period with a maximum total dollar limit of $500.00.

If you would like to make additional deposits from your Checking account we recommend opening an account with Neteller (, they allow higher deposit limits once you are an established customer.

You can also make additional deposits using a Debit card from the Checking Account if it has either a Visa or Mastercard logo.

How do I add a Credit or Debit Card?

To add a new Credit Card:

1)- Login
2)- Go to "Cashier"
3)- Go to "My Info"
4)- Click on "New Credit Card" at the bottom of the page
5)- Enter the information
6)- Click "Submit"

How do I change my Cards Expiration date?

In order to change your expiration date, do the following:

1)- Log on
2)- Go to the "Cashier Page"
3)- Go to "My Info"
4)- Scroll to the correct Card number (Select Card)
5)- Change the Expiration Date
6)- Save changes

Do you accept deposits via Western Union?

Sorry, we do not accept Western Union.

Do you accept deposits via FirePay?

Sorry, we do not accept FirePay.
You can make a deposit using most Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards, Neteller, Prepaid ATM or Electronic Checks from most US Banks.

Is their a waiting period for Electronic Check deposits?

We allow you to play right away when you make your deposit via an Electronic Check.
Your cashouts may be delayed a few days until we confirm that your check was paid by your Bank.


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