Do I have to wait to make a cashout?

1- Only when you first signup, you have to wait 7 days before making your first cashout or you forfeit all bonuses.

How long does it take for Cashout approval?

Cashout's are processed one day delayed .
If you made a cashout request before midnight tonight (eastern US time) , it will be processed the day after tommorrow.

How will my Cashout be paid?

Due to recent changes in VISA and Mastercard rules regarding refunds, all cashouts are paid by check. If you made your deposits via Neteller, your cashouts will generally be made back to your Neteller account. Their are exceptions when a check will be issued if we have concerns about fraud or identity.

Can I specify how my Cashout is paid?

Sorry, the system is automatic.

Can I cancel my Cashout?

You can cancel the cashout by going to the "Cashier Page" and selecting "Reversal".


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