The games won't play?

You either need to install or upgrade your flash player.
You can get one for free at

In only takes a few minutes to load and install.

I have upgraded my flash player and the games still wont play?

There are two things you can try:
1. Restart your computer
2. Upgrade your Internet Explorer or other browser to the newest version.

I lost my connection, when I came back I had lost the wager?

When your connection is disrupted during a wager or if you leave your computer for an extended period of time 1 of 3 things happens, depending on the which game you were playing and if the game status when the connection was lost:

1)- The wager is held and you can resume play when you reconnect.

2)- The wager has been placed and is completed, in this case checking your "Game History" tells you what happened.

3)- Your wager is returned to your Casino account.

Each player's account must be in balance at all times or we know immediately. The system we use to manage and monitor your money is very advanced.

Can I Play for Free?

You can play any or all of our games for free by just clicking on the Game's graphic on the Casino's main page.

Free play is limited to 45 minutes per day and you don't get to keep the winnings.

How do your Slots payout?

Our Slots actually have better payout percentages than most "Land" Casinos.
Slot machines (Land or Online) are programmed to payout a percentage of what they take in over a set period of time (week or month), ours are set to payout 98.7% overall.
At a "Land" casino each machine is programmed individually, online the program resets itself each time you open the game (like going to another machine at a land casino).

Are your game odds based on Random numbers?

Yes, the outcomes of our table games are based on "Random Odds Generation" which is a computer program that is designed to duplicate the results of live card games.
Most Casinos uses the same basic data which was developed using a Cray Super Computer that ran tens of millions of hands of Blackjack and other table games.


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