Earn up to $500 in Bonus Cash

Open a new Account at PlayersVegas Casino using your Visa or Mastercard account and we give a Double Bonus on your first deposit.  

You Deposit $20   get $ 40  Bonus =  $   60    Total
You Deposit $50   get $100 Bonus =  $  150    Total
You Deposit $100 get $200 bonus =  $  300    Total
You Deposit $200 get $400 bonus =  $  600    Total
You Deposit $250 get $500 bonus =   $ 750    Total

Receive 50% Bonus on every deposit

At PlayersVegas Casino you receive and EXTRA 50% on every additional deposit you make (after signup deposit), FOREVER!!

Refer Your Friends Offer

Refer your friends to PlayersVegas Casino and we will really make it worth your while. We will credit your Casino account with 50% of your friend's initial signup deposit. This is the BIGGEST "Tell a Friend" bonus we have ever offered.


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